inline image of the ANEX logoANEX Is a Facial for Your Body

Oxygen and water play an important role in the health of our largest organ, our skin. Americh Nanobubble Experience (ANEX) deep cleans your skin, allowing your skin to absorb the maximum amount o oxygen which enhances skin cell growth, improves the functioning of blood vessels and stimulates the body’s immune system.

As we age, our skin cell production decreases which reduces the stimulation of collagen. Collagen is the main structural protein in the skin, and it is continuously being replaced as it breaks down. Nanobubbles, increase the skin cell regeneration process which stimulates the production of your natural collagen. Nanobubble technology can cleanse, hydrate, revitalize and tighten the skin.

ANEX is not a Massage System but a Skin Conditioning Therapy

It has proven to be helpful with skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, rashes, itching and redness. Leaves skin feeling hydrated, soft and supple. This experience can be added to any tub that can accommodate other hydro-massage options.

Nanobubbles – Americh Nanobubble Experience (ANEX)

Skin conditioning with oxygen, not chemicals. The Nanobubble supersaturates the water with oxygenated nanobubbles. As the nanobubbles enter the water, they form a dense cloud that envelops the body in a milky looking bath.

Because the Nanobubbles are only 10 microns in diameter and the skin pores are approximately 50 microns they enter the pores, exfoliating and cleaning skin pore impurities while removing oily deposits.

Warmed Air Suspended in Water

Typical air bubbles rise to the surface of the water and burst, cooling down the bath. Nanobubbles are suspended in the water, keeping heat energy in the water and helping to maintain a more consistent temperature in the bath. Air is drawn into the system and dissolved into the water at high pressure.

List Price – $2200

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