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About Excel Marketing

The team at Excel Marketing, seven strong, believes that it all comes back to quality. Don’t let our century of collective experience fool you. We take a fresh, modern approach to marketing, fueled by our love of design, and grounded by the golden principles of form and function.

We work closely with manufacturers, representing their quality craftmanship, specifically hardware and plumbing fixtures to builders, interior design professionals, and dealers looking to sell top-of-the-line pieces.



We deliver on our word. As the liaison between high-end-product manufacturers and the market, our strategy is two-fold. Manufacturers work with us because we understand quality and how to get premium products into the hands of those who will see the value and cherish it. Builders, designers, and retail owners work with us because we have access to exclusive products. Plus, we deliver a custom marketing proposal to each of our clients so they can easily integrate the strategies into their plan. To us, building relationships takes readiness, knowledge, and accountability.


Our solution is your success and it always begins with a question: “How may I help you?” Today, it's information and deliverability. Everything we do furthers the success of both the manufacturers we represent and those seeking the products. For manufacturers, we provide market research, advertising, public relations, and sales to build product equity. For those in the market i.e. Builders, Interior Design Professionals and Retail Owners, we use creative market techniques to help incorporate products into their business plan. Our confidence is our experience and our trust in each other.


With a combined century of experience, the Excel Marketing Team aces sales. Our second to none approach means you can rely on us to assist your company with sales. For manufacturers, we represent their products to potential buyers. We are available to give presentations or assist associates with demonstrations that deliver valuable product information to architects, interior designers, contractors, and homeowners. Ultimately, our goal is to drive knowledgeable specifiers to our network of sales professionals and create sales for them. You can think of us as an extension of your team.


We work with Builders, Designers, Architects, and Dealers in our service areas providing access to the high-end products we represent. The Excel Marketing Team proudly represents the following manufacturers to several western states. 

Americh – Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming

Emtek – Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming

EzConcept – Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming

GRAFF– Colorado

Icera | Villeroy & Boch – Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Montana

JÖRGER (Joerger) – Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Montana

Mila International – Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Montana, and Spokane, Washington

Rocky Mountain Hardware – Idaho, Utah

Schaub – Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming

Watermark – Idaho, Utah, Montana, Wyoming

Yale Expressions – Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming


We define our success by our relationships. We cultivate long-standing  relationships with Manufacturers, Dealers, Architects, Designers and Builders who are active in the market. We nurture those relationships by promoting them specifically through ongoing social media campaigns, brand awareness, and assistance to advance sales and services.

We offer a long list of services, but we are most well known in three areas of expertise: training, sales and promotion. Our training assistance includes product instruction, specifications, presentations, showroom displays and product placement knowledge. For sales, we are in the field and make it a point to stay in front of our customers. We represent Manufacturers and offer individual support on their behalf. We are the liaison between them and end users. For promotion, we drive brand and product awareness both digitally and through print mediums.  Our social media marketing efforts produce thousands of weekly impressions and interactions while our printed collateral is beautiful and succinct.

Excel Marketing continues to grow, adding new products and service locations. We currently serve Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Montana and Wyoming.

The market needs concrete and tangible information and it’s our job to provide it. That said, we know that each project is different. We approach sales with you as your partner. We keep your goals at the forefront of all our communication.

Our Team

Inline image showing Lisa Street

Lisa Street

Lisa’s career in the hardware industry started in 1996 in Jackson, Wyoming as a showroom salesperson and has continued for the last 28 years. After a few years in Jackson, Lisa transitioned to working directly for Rocky Mountain hardware, managing their hardware and plumbing showroom. In 2002 she started the Hospitality Division at Rocky Mountain Hardware, sending her to metropolitan areas throughout the United States, presenting to the top 100 architects and designers in the hospitality market. In 2006, Lisa began her own Manufacturer’s Representative Agency—Latimer Group, Inc.— where she focused on the luxury products market. In 2016, Lisa merged with Keith Hall Co. to form Latimer Hall & Associates, Inc., a partnership representing an excellent group of architectural hardware and plumbing lines. In late 2017, Latimer Hall & Associates, Inc. merged with Bruce Gebhart and Associates to become Excel Marketing, creating a team of six specialists who work to fully support the product lines they represent throughout the region.

inline image showing Michelle Burr's headshot

Michelle Burr

Michelle, is a 4th generation Colorado native. What does that mean? It means she appreciates the fresh air, the mountains and all the natural inspiration the region gives. Michelle is a seasoned sales professional, clocking 27-years and counting. Her portfolio is filled with construction and home product sales. She is well known for her love of design which makes her a great fit at Excel Marketing. When clients review her, they comment most about her ability to understand their personal style and let it shine through all while adding polish, and creating a cohesive, refined aesthetic. When she isn’t designing, she spends time in the rugged mountains of Colorado, camping with her family and enjoying nature’s offerings. Oh, did we mention she is also a French Pastry Chef? I swear that isn’t why we hired her. But you can’t imagine the goodies that walk through the door.

INline image showing Chad Booth

Chad G. Booth

Chad’s prior experience in marketing and advertising has allowed him to quickly adapt to this industry and combine the skills he gained from his previous work and implement them into the Plumbing and Hardware industry. In his 8 years with Excel Marketing, he has enjoyed continued growth in his territory and has seen positive gains year to year in both sales growth and customer development. He prides himself on his ability to provide high-quality customer service experience for clients, stating that, “I believe relationships are at the heart of my job and I enjoy providing a great experience for hardware and plumbing clients.” Outside of work, Chad enjoys giving back to his community, serving on community boards and volunteering in youth sports and organizations. He spends much of his time with his family, supporting his four boys in all their endeavors and spending time with his wife, Kelli, in the outdoors skiing, hiking, or motorcycling in the desert.

Inline image showing John Quant

John Quandt

John was born and raised in Seattle, where he learned the trade of plumbing and was the owner of a local plumbing company for nine years. After meeting his wife in 2001, he moved to her home state of Montana, before later moving to Boise, where he has worked for Excel Marketing since 2019. Because of his Montana connections, John’s territory covers Northern Idaho, and all of Montana (which gives him the opportunity to visit old family and friends). He enjoys his free time spending time with his family, traveling, and camping.

Penelope (Pen) Tolman

Penelope Tolman has been working in the industry for over 23 years. She started out in showroom sales in 2001 and eventually branched out to design as a certified kitchen and bath designer through the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). In addition to her extensive experience in architectural hardware and plumbing, she brings to the team her enthusiasm and collaborative can-do attitude–serving as the agency’s team coordinator and customer service specialist. Most people call her by “Pen” and she looks forward to helping you soon. 

Bruce Gebhart - Consultant

Bruce is a Kansas native and Kansas State University graduate, who moved to Colorado to manage purchasing for wholesale distributors. After a few years he decided to try working the other side of the desk, and took a position with a well-established Colorado sales agency. He worked his way up to owner, where he repositioned the agency to represent companies serving the higher-end home building market. Through this experience, he was hired to represent Emtek Products, at the time a new company that offered great products, but lacked recognition. In 2017, he merged with a large, multi-state agency, later renamed Excel Marketing. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.

Keith Hall - Consultant

Keith has been in the industry for fifty one years, working with numerous companies spanning from the Canadian to the Mexican border. After graduating from the University of New Hampshire and serving in the Navy, Keith began working with Sargent Hardware, starting as an area representative out of Boston and working his way up to National Product Manager. However, the West called, and Keith moved to Denver, working with Baldwin Hardware to develop the area. He later formed a partnership with Levering Hall and Associates, an independent rep agency. Through the partnership they expanded into two showrooms—The Baltimore Brass Center and L and H Distributing. They developed the Millennium Collection product line and distributed it nationally. Keith sold Showrooms, L&H Distributing, and Millennium Collection before merging with the Rep Agency. The Keith Hall CO and Latimer Hall and Associates was created, which is now EXCEL MARKETING, with offices and representatives in Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Keith currently acts as a knowledgable and trusted consultant for the whole team.

Quality speaks to us and we listen

Knowing that the devil is in the details is just one aspect of what we do. We promote high-end product lines and work with Designers, Architects, Homeowners, and Dealers to bring select products to market. If you would like to learn more, please contact us.