Inline image showing Mila International's logo

Mila International is the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s first and only revolutionary “Flush Mount” stainless steel sink system. They believe in designing products that transform everyday spaces. On top of that, they stand by the purity of their materials and design every product with minimum impact on the environment.

The name Mila was inspired by Casa Mila, one of the most magnificent buildings in Barcelona, Spain, created by the famous Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi. Like Gaudi’s design, Mila’s products combine functionality with movement and beauty, resulting in new and exciting forms to redefine your kitchen or bath.

Featured image showing two Mila International stainless steel workstations side by side in a modern kitchen.
Featured image showing Mila International's Gold Kitchen Sink with a modern faucet in a minimal modern kitchen.
Featured image showing a unique sink from Mila International mounted on a modern cabinet with a single handle faucet

Why We Love Mila

  • Mila’s manufacturing process keeps the materials and handling as simple and pure as possible

  • Environmentally conscious and passionate about green products

  • Produces products that are easy to clean

  • Quality products that are versatile and affordable

  • Offers unique stunning designs

  • Flexible installation options

Available Accessories

Beyond the vast collection of kitchen and bathroom sinks, and workstations, Mila offers a beautiful and unique selection of accessories. 

  • Chopping trays with gold or silver handles

  • Intricate stainless steel brushed strainers in multiple finish options

  • Baskets in multiple finishes

  • Basin Racks in various sizes and finishes

  • Colanders in multiple finishes

  • Stylish sink covers