Founded in 1994, Rocky Mountain Hardware is a leading manufacturer of bronze architectural hardware. Based in Idaho with a flagship store in Hailey, they supremely embody mountain living providing products that stand the test of time. In terms of design, they are like none other operating one of the few remaining artisan-lead metal foundries in America. The range of designs includes door and cabinet hardware, kitchen and bath accessories, tile, plumbing, lighting, and more. The company also has extensive custom capabilities. Authentically “Made in the U.S.A.,” Rocky Mountain Hardware products are cast of 90% post-consumer recycled materials. They are a true testament of form, function, creativity, and sustainability.

Why We Love Rocky Mountain Hardware

  • Rocky Mountain Hardware (RMH) products are unmatched in design and quality

  • Each piece is created using old-world handcrafted artistry

  • They offer intriguing designs and silhouettes

  • Product last a lifetime and have enduring style

  • American made

  • RMH practices environmental responsibility and places importance on the health and happiness of their employees

  • RMH earned the company LEED® Gold Certification

  • All products are cast of bronze and contain a minimum of 90% post-consumer recycled content

  • Each piece is finished in an eco-friendly patina

  • The website features a design your own hardware composer