EZYJamb, the Flush Finish Door Jamb System Supports the Yale House Design

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EZY Jamb is the Flush Finish Door Jamb System. It is simple to install, and it requires no special maintenance. That is why it was a perfect solution to the Yale School of Architecture project – the Yale House.

Architecture students design for the community

When graduate students at the Yale School of Architecture get together and design for the community, great things happen. This year, the Yale House happened. With a construction budget of $130,000, Yale Architecture students were challenged with the goal of designing and building an affordable house.

The Yale School of Architecture partnered with NeighborWorks New Horizons and HTP Ventures LLC with the aim of producing affordable housing from. The students collaborate on the design and must build a cost-efficient prototype that could be applied to sites in New Haven and other urban areas across the country. This year, the construction budget was $130,000. The year’s result is the Yale House.

The program is focused on designing and constructing low-cost homes in economically distressed neighborhoods in New Haven, Connecticut. The brief was focused on a 1,000 square foot house to be located on a corner lot in New Haven’s West River neighborhood.

EZ Concept supported this project by supplying the EzyJamb system. The clean modern lines of the student’s design and easy to install system made EZYJamb a perfect solution for the Yale House project.  Learn more about this project and the EzyJamb system by visiting the EZ Concept website.

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About EZ Concept

Manufactured by Studco Building Systems, EZ Concept are the innovators of the world renowned EzyJamb door jamb systems, offering an expanding range of trim-free architectural finishing products to create modern interiors for residential, industrial and commercial spaces.

About Excel Marketing

Excel Marketing promotes high-end product lines such as Emtek, Schaub and Company, Rocky Mountain Hardware, Lenova, Watermark, Americh, Fairmont Designs, and Ezconcept. We work with designers, architects, homeowners and shop owners to bring select products to market.

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