Ez Concept is a division of Studco Building Systems.

EzConcept offers an innovative line of products that help architects, interior designers and developers achieve contemporary flush finished designs. Their range of products are created as solutions for customers seeking low profile, sleek, modern, minimalistic sophistication in their homes, apartments, office spaces, and beyond.

The flush finish door jamb system has evolved offering a range of hardware to complement its design.

EZYJamb…The choice for developers the world over…

Why We Love EzConcept

  • The manufacturing process of cold-rolled steel with a patented profile produces a strong and secure assembly

  • The jamb comes with perforated sides to allow for flush jointing, giving the doorway a clean line look

  • Simple and easy to install, requires no special maintenance

  • Installation videos available online

  • Split-type jamb comes in two sections that fit neatly together, providing adjustability in wall thickness

  • Manufactured from zinc annealed steel

  • Can be painted

  • Environmentally friendly and holds an ISO14001 accreditation

  • The website includes case studies for inspiration and a look at real-world application