Imagine relaxing in a hot bath on a snowy winter day. What could make the experience more joyful? Stepping out of the tub while wrapped in a warm towel. The heated towel bars from Watermark Designs can help turn a bath or shower into a personal spa-like experience without a lot of effort or cost. Heated towel bars can help create the perfect bathroom retreat. It’s one of the easiest ways you can add a little indulgence (and nice surprise) to your space.

Selecting the Right Bar

But not all heated towel bars are created equal. Many towel warmers take up precious square footage and others require hot water to warm the bars (hydronic towel bars).

Watermark Designs’ heated towel bars deliver form and function, without taking up unnecessary space. They’re electric and heat up far more quickly than hydronic models, so you won’t have to wait for hot water to kick in.

We’ve got your cozy oasis in mind, so let us show you why a heated towel bar is a must-have in your next design.

Explore Heated Towel Bars from Watermark

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