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Timeless Design: O&G Studio Collaborates with Watermark Designs

What happens when two creative houses collaborate? The Brut Collection. Recently, Watermark Designs -one of the product lines Excel Marketing represents, teamed up with O&G to create something anchored in the past but still brand new. The Brut Collection is the combination of the two companies and its available now.

The Story

After being introduced through a mutual partner, O&G collaborated with Watermark Designs on the Brut Collection.

O&G Studio designs and manufactures furniture that defies time and tradition, including the most extensive and evocative line of hand-built Windsor chairs on the market. Watermark Designs is a Brooklyn based manufacturer of luxury faucets, showers, and other bath accessories. The synergy between the two companies is in their steadfast commitment to timeless design.

The two design forces clicked instantly. As fellow designers and manufacturers, both O&G and Watermark were interested in an innovative design that drew on the processes of manufacturing for design cues. This rare collaboration was sublime as they spoke the same language and shared the same excitement for design and creation.


The result of the harmonious partnership between the two design giants is the Brut Collection -a bold new group of products that mix textures and design to embody timeless elegance.

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These timeless pieces celebrate rich history and continue old design legacies by creating work that is new, surprising and uniquely it’s own.

Experimenting with textures, Watermark Designs and O&G have created a bold new collection involving two completely different polishing processes to achieve another in Watermark’s family of unique finish combinations. Brut’s spout and handle exterior are smooth and polished while the underside is crafted with an earthy rough-hewn material, both of which are available in twenty-four stunning finishes.

To discover more about the Brut Collection and all of Watermark’s timeless designs, check out the Watermark Design website.


About Watermark

For more than three decades, Watermark Designs has been a leading manufacturer of decorative plumbing fixtures, bathroom accessories, grab bars, shower drains, and elegant hardware for the luxury, commercial, and residential markets. Based in the independent design hub of Brooklyn, Watermark’s designs are a reflection of the creative melting-pot from which it hails.

About Excel Marketing

Excel Marketing promotes high-end product lines such as Emtek, Schaub and Company, Rocky Mountain Hardware, Lenova, Watermark, Americh, Fairmont Designs, and Ezconcept. We work with designers, architects, homeowners and shop owners to bring select products to market.

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