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The Hits and The Misses of Interior Design in 2022

At the beginning of every year, trends change, sometimes it is hard to keep up with. Below are a few popular interior design trends and some that are on their way out according to these interior designers. To see the original post please click here.

Interior Designing Hits This Year

Black Ranges

Black kitchen ranges can make your kitchen look sleek and elegant. Adding black knobs or handles throughout your kitchen can tie the whole look together.

“An uptick in black ranges reflects an elegant and dramatic focal point for the kitchen”

Susan Serra, Kitchen Designer
Open Kitchen Concepts in Interior Designing

With an open kitchen concept, it is easy to entertain guests or keep an eye on your kids while you are cooking food.

“The need to separate the kitchens as a separate room is an old concept, and I don’t think it’s making its return quite yet.”

Bob Bakes, Cofounder of Bakes & Kropp
Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands have so many purposes that no one sees this not being popular for a long time. It can be an extra space to prep food, a place for people to sit while you cook, or a place for your kids to do homework in case they need your help.

Unpainted Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes time to update your kitchen one of the first things people do is change their kitchen cabinets. It used to be popular to redo them and paint them a nice modern color but that is not the trend as of late. Lately, people are choosing a wood that already looks as though it is painted so they can keep the wood look in their kitchen.

The Color Green for Interior Designing

Though accenting kitchens with pops of color isn’t new, more green will make its way into the design. (Source)

Interior Designs Going Out of Style

All White Kitchens

The White kitchen has a nice look to it but for many people, the upkeep is just too much. You have to constantly clean the cabinets, counters, and anything else in the room as any little mark will show.

Double Ovens

As kitchens are becoming smaller in size having an appliance as big as the double oven may not be convenient. People would rather have smaller appliances such as air fryers.

Low Backsplashes

Low Backsplashes have been fairly popular the last couple of years, but they are starting to lose popularity for newer projects. For homeowners who still want to incorporate a backsplash in their design, DelMonico suggests extending the design feature to the bottom of your cabinets or up to the ceiling around your stove’s hood. (Source)

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