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Can’t Miss German Kitchen Trends for 2022

Kitchen design trends are always changing but for good reason. Kitchens are used the most and offer a place for families to come together and connect. Some of the upcoming “can’t miss” German-inspired kitchen trends are listed below. To read the full article by KBB click here.

German Inspired Sustainable Kitchens

Timeless high-quality German-style designs in the kitchen are becoming more popular as people are appreciating fine craftsmanship more and more. Another thing that is turning people towards sustainable kitchens is wanting all parts of their homes to feel homey. As many people spend most of their workday on a computer whether, at home or the office, more people are wanting to be in a comfortable place that feels like home when they are away from the electronics.

Natural materials like wood, combined with surfaces that are pleasant to touch, earthy hues such as olive green or terracotta, and a sprinkling of minimalism make the kitchen space for cooking, eating, and living. (Source)

German Inspired Mindfulness in Life and Design

Creating a calming design in your home will help you balance the craziness that life can offer. To help create this feeling in your home and kitchen below are a few tips to consider

  • Monochromatic colors
  • Minimalistic interior designs
  • Built in appliances or hidden in cabinets
  • Extractor hoods

In a so-called sensory kitchen, we engage with our own sensory perceptions after a hectic day by enjoying the feel of surfaces, inhaling pleasant aromas, and tasting healthy food. 

Making Kitchens Smart

Adding digital systems into your kitchen doesn’t have to be the cause for stress. As adding digital systems anywhere in your house, they are there to help simplify your life. The things you once had to remember to do can be done automatically, such as changing the clock when daylight savings happens. With these digital systems in your home, your refrigerator can keep track of your grocery list or give you ideas of what to make based on the foods you have in it.

As a complement to this technology, functional and modular furnishings are still popular as they provide a high degree of flexibility in everyday kitchen activities and are often space-saving as well. (Source)

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