featured Image Lenova's New Thermostatic Shower System

Lenova’s New Industry-First Thermostatic Shower System

Kitchen and bath products manufacturer Lenova has introduced a new thermostatic shower system that the company says can accurately maintain water temperature within a single degree.

“There’s nothing else like it,” says Jay Beaumont, Lenova’s director of sales and marketing. “It all comes down to the valve technology—it’s the heart of our new shower series. Not only does one valve control three functions—temperature, volume and pressure—but the level of control is truly amazing. It keeps the shower experience consistent from beginning to end for a totally immersive experience.”

Designed as part of a $35 million research and development project, the valve and shower system is the result of advanced engineering and technology, the company says. While other shower systems commonly suffer a loss of water volume or temperature when running multiple sprayers, the company explains, the Lenova valve gives users and homebuyers precise control even when they are using the showerhead and body sprayers simultaneously.

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“In fact, the Lenova system is able to keep all water outlets within a 1-degree Fahrenheit temperature difference, even when all showers are operating,” the company says. “This amazing shower is crafted to Lenova’s high standards for exceptional performance, including solid brass valves for lasting durability.”

Lenova says that one of the most popular features of the thermostatic shower systems is the host of interchangeable options the unit offers. Customers may choose preset systems or build their own dream shower with the company’s DIY option, which allows users to mix and match components. Available components in the system include showerheads, body jets, shower panels, hand-held showers, and tub spouts.

Lenova Thermostatic Pressure Balance Shower Valve Bath installation shower oak vanity marble tile walls

“The thermostatic shower by Lenova is a game-changing advancement in the industry,” the company says. “It offers a safer, more soothing and impressively consistent shower experience. It is a must-have addition to any spa-inspired bathroom where wellness, relaxation and superior design are valued.”

The system comes in polished chrome and brushed nickel. Visit the Lenova website to learn more or reach out to the experts at Excel Marketing.


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