The sales team at Rio Grande Co. in Dever, Colorado knocked it out of the park this year with Emtek sales. To show our appreciation, Emtek and Excel Marketing took them to dinner. Thank you again for all your exceptional work this last year!

Shown from left to right: Debbie Gabriel, Sabrina Hageman, Amy Duran, Brady Nelson, Lisa Street, Courtney Barnett, Bruce Gebhart, Dan Stringer & Stuart Mann.

About Rio Grande Co.

Rio Grande Co. stands more than one hundred years strong in the Denver Rocky Mountain region as a viable and innovative business. Since its founding in the Mile High City, first as a fuel and feed business, and now as a distributor, producer and fabricator of building materials, four generations of the Peterson family; Erik, Elmer, Donald, and Bruce have guided the company’s remarkable development, growth and contribution to the building of our Colorado communities.

Rio Grande Co. supplies Denver and the Rocky Mountain region many essential construction materials including mortar materials, cement, sand and gravel, concrete accessories, structural steel, rebar, fireplaces, hardware, and stone.