Our Hearts Are With Boulder County

Fast-moving fires ravaged Boulder County, devastating 1,600 acres and destroying over 500 homes, and damaging hundreds more. The Marshall Fire has become the most destructive fire in Colorado history.

Thankfully, Excel Marketing Team’s Bruce Gebhart was far enough away from it but many of his and our friends have been affected. Bruce Gebhart has served the Colorado area since 1978. The entire Excel Marketing Team stands with him and the Boulder County community and has donated to the relief efforts. No one should have to ever lose their home but when tragedies such as this occur it’s important to stand together and support those who have lost. In that we are strong.

The Boulder County Commissioner made this statement on the Marshall Fire:

We, the Boulder County Commissioners, want to express our profound sympathy for those who have lost their homes, those who were evacuated, and all who have been traumatized by the Marshall Fire storm that swept through Superior, Louisville and parts of unincorporated Boulder County. We want to express our gratitude to all the firefighters, sheriff deputies and police officers and other emergency responders locally and from across the state whose quick action prevented any known loss of life. We all also want to thank all evacuees for their patience and grace while evacuating a tense situation.

Recovery will take time. Right now, we know many are still anxious to learn whether they lost their homes. Those who did will be seeking new housing until they are able to rebuild. Those who were evacuated but have homes to return to are still anxious about the condition of their homes as temperatures drop and the snow descends. Please know that Boulder County emergency management is working with the towns of Louisville and Superior to provide this information as quickly as possible and to allow you to return to your home as soon as it is safe to do so…

Boulder County is a strong community. We have always come together in times of need, and now is no exception. Our thoughts and hearts are with everyone in Boulder County.” (source)

Marta Loachamin, Claire Levy, Matt Jones

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Follow the latest information from the Boulder Office of Emergency Management here.

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A line of flames is visible inside a residential subdivision in the Superior area. Taken Thursday, December 30, 2022 by Hart Van Denburg – CPR News

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