Featured Image Finding the Right Door and Accessories for Your Home

Choosing the Right Door and Accessories from RMH for Your Home

Doors in the home are more important than you might think. They offer security, privacy, and can incorporate germ-fighting properties in both the material, handles, and swing. Beyond that, doors are the gateway into the rest of your home. This means it will be the first experience and opportunity to make a good first impression. Not only are the doors important but the finishing on the doors as well. Below is some brief information about the different kinds of doors. Once you pick the door you like, head to the Rocky Mountain hardware website to pick out the best hardware. Or, explore the Rocky Mountain Hardware Product Gallery for design inspiration.

Selecting The Right Door

When selecting a door for a particular space, there are many factors to take into consideration. The door material, the door handle, and how the door swings. Here is a list of the four most common door types for medical spaces, when to use them, and other considerations.

Swing Door

Swing doors are the most common of all door types, not just for homes, but generally for all buildings. It’s simple to operate and universally recognizable. The door is hinged on one side to allow it to swing in or out. These doors are not recommended for tight spaces because the door swings open widely.

Pocket Door

A pocket door slides into the wall. As the name suggests, it fits into a little ‘pocket’. The pocket doors not only save space but also look much more clear and integrate more smoothly throughout the building. One major downside to a pocket door is that it does not insulate noise very well. Additionally, pocket doors are often more difficult to repair and maintain.

Barn Door

A barn door is like a pocket door, but instead of sliding into the wall seamlessly, the door is hung from mounted sliders. The door and the sliders are completely visible, even in the open position. These doors are easier to maintain compared to pocket doors but can be louder when operating.

The kind of doors used for your home matters. Make sure to consider the materials, handles, and swing when making your selection.

Adding the Hardware and Accessories

We love Rocky Mountain Hardware. Each item is hand-crafted and artisan-made. They offer high-end solutions for doors, cabinets, windows, and lighting fixtures. What’s more? They have a virtual design composer on their website where users can customize doors from their collection. Try different patinas, and mix and match collections. See how each product looks on different door finishes. Design Your Own Door or explore the Product Gallery to see what others have done. Let us know which collections you prefer. Better yet, share your comps with us!

About Rocky Mountain Hardware

Founded in 1994, Rocky Mountain Hardware is a leading manufacturer of bronze architectural hardware. Based in Idaho with a flagship store in Hailey, they supremely embody mountain living providing products that stand the test of time. In terms of design, they are like none other operating one of the few remaining artisan-lead metal foundries in America. The range of designs includes door and cabinet hardware, kitchen and bath accessories, tile, plumbing, lighting, and more. The company also has extensive custom capabilities. Authentically “Made in the U.S.A.,” Rocky Mountain Hardware products are cast of 90% post-consumer recycled materials. They are a true testament to form, function, creativity, and sustainability. Visit the Rocky Mountain Hardware Website

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