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»What is your most profitable product mix?

»Who are your target clientele?

»Why are you the best company to provide your services?

At Excel Marketing we specialize in determining the best strategy to profitably promote the product lines we represent.  Let us help you integrate these strategies into your business plan and create a successful and profitable partnership.


»Can Excel Marketing's approach help increase your sales?

»Can we help your business penetrate a new niche?

»Can we help improve your current market penetration?

We have a combined 140 consecutive years of experience launching and pioneering new programs and products.

Research ♦ Analyze ♦ Implement ♦ Follow-up

Our passion is in this area of marketing.  Let us help you add to/or improve your product mix and/or client base.


»Do you need to increase your sales volume?

»Are your associates pro-active?

»Do you have a sales group that comfortably and effectively present to groups?

We have a combined 140 years of experience consistently setting up and presenting to groups of one to fifty.  Each year for the last ten years our agency has given 60-100 product presentations annually.  During this period, we have documented sales gain history every year.  We are available to give product presentations or present with you and/or your associates to architects, interior designers, contractors and/or homeowners at your request.